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(PP) 1. A “general warm up” is:
(R) 2. Pertaining to the “crease”:
(G) 3. ALL is true about goaltending EXCEPT:
(LB) 4. ALL are elements of good technique when scooping a loose ball EXCEPT:
(C) 5. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about cradling:
(FO) 6. During a face-off players are allowed to cross the restraining lines when:
(SW) 7. When making a pass in lacrosse all technical points are true for beginners EXCEPT:
(GP) 8. With time & space players taking a “set-shot” should:
(R) 9. The “Back In” rule refers to:
(PP) 10. An informal warm-up:
(G) 11. Goalie communication should include:
(LB) 12. ALL are elements of good technique when scooping a loose ball EXCEPT:
(C) 13. Protecting the ball means to:
(SW) 14. When taking a shot in lacrosse all technical points are TRUE EXCEPT:
(GP) 15. During a line change players should:
(R) 16. The “5 second” rule refers to:
(PP) 17. Drills in a practice should:
(G) 18. The Goalie “Ready Position” consists of ALL EXCEPT:
(LB) 19. The biggest determining factor in getting a loose ball is:
(FO) 20. During a face-off face-off takers are required to:
(C) 21. When holding the stick in lacrosse:
(SW) 22. Which of the following statements about catching the ball in lacrosse is NOT TRUE:
(GP) 23. On a breakaway in practice/games players should always:
(R) 24. If a ball touches a players hand the referee should:
(PP) 25. Conditioning drills:
(FO) 26. During a face-off all are legal maneuvers for the face-off taker EXCEPT:
(G) 27. The shaft of the goalie stick:
(LB) 28. When a ball goes out of bounds possession should be awarded to:
(C) 29. The bio mechanics of cradling can best be described as follows:
(SW) 30. The best analogy for describing “soft hands” is:
(GP) 31. During a fast-break in transition players should:
(R) 32. Pertaining to stick length:
(FO) 33. Face-offs take place after ALL EXCEPT one of the following:
(PP) 34. The most prevalent reason kids chose to play a sport was:
(G) 35. The “Steps” for goalies when the ball is at the 5 standard ball positions are:
(FO) 36. ALL of the following are TRUE about a face-off EXCEPT:
37. The most effective way for beginners to protect the ball is:
38. ALL is TRUE about catching a ball in lacrosse EXCEPT:
(GP) 39. The I-formation consists of:
(PP) 40. Games can be incorporated into a practice:
(GP) 41. When defending against an opponents transition, defenders should:
(PP) 42. Small-Sided Games can develop:
(LB) 43. All are legal plays for players behind the restraining line on a face-off EXCEPT:
(GP) 44. As a general rule on offense players should:
(PP) 45. Small-Sided Games can be effectively manipulated by ALL EXCEPT:
(GP) 46. If your teammate gets beat on defense your options are all EXCEPT:
(PP) 47. The median work:rest ratio (i.e. 10 second shift:30 second rest = 1:3) in a minor lacrosse game is:
(GP) 48. On defense players should:
(PP) 49. Games ARE NOT an effective toll for a practice planning when:
(GP) 50. ALL of the following are principles of a helping man-to-man defense EXCEPT:
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